The Dance Conspiracy Part 2 Registration-testing

Asheville Jam supports our local dance community by making amazing events like these accessible to everyone! We offer sliding scale entry, so everyone can attend. We also offer scholarships, just contact us.

This event we offer registration both per-event, and for the whole weekend. We recommend registering for the whole weekend all at once!

Whole event*: $75-150

Per-event: $10-30 per block (~2 hours)

Dance Yer Nature (Silent Disco)*: $15-40

*Whole event registration does not include the Silent Disco. Dance Yer nature (Silent Disco) registration is separate, as there are a limited number of spots due to technology and space limitations. However, those not participating in the silent disco are welcome to join us in nature on that day for movement scores, picnicking and waterfalling.

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Per-Event Registration

If you only want to attend one or two events, we do have per-event registration!

Please make sure you select the event you’d like from the dropdown menu.

It does not automatically select the event viewed in the accordion menu.

Contact & Fusion

Taught by CJ O’Reilly


at Veda Studios

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taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill and CJ O’Reilly


at Veda Studios

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at Veda Studios

Music by: DJ Mafio (Michael Hurd), CJ O’Reilly, and more DJ’s to come!

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Somatic/Practice Focus

with Idelle Packer and Brad Stoller

9:30-11:30am Workshop, 11:30am-12:30pm – Open Jamming

at NYS3
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with Brad Stoller

1:30-6pm – Workshop and Jam

at JCC

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Synthesis Ecstatic Dance

Fusion + Contact + Ecstatic friendly set with Deco by Maurice Legendaire

DJ Mafio, DJ Morphonic


at JCC

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Moving with Nature

mixed and facilitated by May Sun and CJ

carpooling 10am

to yet-to-be-disclosed location

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Movement Score with Water and Rock

after silent disco

by the river

No registration required.
Information will be shared with Saturday workshop attendees.

Choose your own adventure:

Forest Picnic


Waterfalling and Swimming Hole


No registration required.

This is unfacilitated exploration on site, after the Silent Disco.

Information will be shared with Saturday Workshop attendees.